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In a sentence: Norman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon living history and combat re-enactment.

Warriors – Combat re-enactment

Do you fancy being a Viking warrior, an Anglo-Saxon thane or a Norman knight? Well, why not?

Join our band of warriors, show courage and earn fame and fortune for yourself and our noble count, Roger de Bec.

No prior experience is required, just a moderate level of physical fitness. You will be thoroughly trained. Our warriors meet for training on many Sunday afternoons, except when the weather is very bad, or when we are away, displaying our skills at a public event somewhere in the country.

Our combat displays are a stylized mix of very simplified Western martial arts with some dramatic additions. We don’t use set routines as such; it’s more like a sport.

We use a range of blunt steel “weapons”, which resemble period weapons as closely as possible, although within strict safety limits.

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Craftworkers and tradespeople – Living history

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Why become a historical re-enactor?

Historical re-enactment is a broad hobby, and people join us for many reasons – usually one or more of these:

  • Because  they are interested in history, in general, ‘our’ period in particular, or in some local or even family history aspect.
  • Because they want to become a “warrior” and perform dramatic combat re-enactment.
  • Because they are interested in the wide range of crafts that make up our living history display.
  • Because they enjoy mediaeval style camping, when we are at a public event.
  • Because of our rich social life.
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